ICT&health World Conference 2024

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14 - 16 mei

Event location: MECC Maastricht

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An Extraordinary Gathering

Welcome to the forefront of healthcare innovation at the ICT&health World Conference 2024. Join us in a groundbreaking event aimed at driving real global improvements in healthcare, enhancing accessibility, and increasing efficiency for all.

At this extraordinary gathering, we focus on the power of global collaboration and knowledge sharing to accelerate healthcare transformation. Engage with experts from around the world, learning from their experiences and insights to collectively translate global developments into tangible progress.  

What to Expect

  • 150+ Insightful Discussions: Dive into essential topics, from the role of AI in healthcare to data sharing and patient participation.

  • Expert Presentations: Learn from world-renowned experts delivering thought-provoking keynotes.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse audience, including healthcare professionals, government officials, innovators, and more.

  • Astonishing innovations: Visit groundbreaking organizations, and experience an array of the most astonishing innovations and technologies that truly matter.

Global Partnerships

Discover the value of international collaboration in shaping healthcare’s future and Explore the Opportunities the Netherlands has to offer. Through partnerships, we overcome common challenges and drive positive change on a global scale.  

Who Should Attend?

This conference is designed for healthcare professionals, executives, governments, IT experts, researchers, innovators, policymakers, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, patient advocates, technology providers, students, and other industry experts. It’s a platform for anyone passionate about advancing healthcare through collaboration, showcasing cutting-edge advancements, and contributing to the future of the industry.  

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

Explore Maastricht, a hub for pioneering healthcare initiatives, known for its historical significance and vibrant culture. Enjoy complimentary transportation to delve into the city’s rich history, culinary delights, and lively nightlife during your stay.

For more information on abstract submissions or partnership opportunities, please reach out to us at events@icthealth.nl.  

Additional Programs

  • Integrated International Scientific Conference ‘Smart Healthy Environments 2024’: Discover the future of smart housing for citizens, especially seniors, at our exclusive scientific conference SHE2024. Engage with leading researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in discussions, idea exchanges, and exploration of innovative solutions for healthy smart living. Delve into human-centered research on housing through empathic architecture, gaining insights into its pivotal role in shaping modern living spaces. This groundbreaking scientific conference is organized by DEEL in collaboration with the ICT&health World Conference 2024.  

Registration and Benefits

  • Early bird Discounts: Register now to secure your place and benefit from exclusive discounts.

  • Accreditation: Earn valuable points for healthcare professionals. Stay tuned for details on the accreditation process.

  • Special Appreciation: Healthcare professionals who register with the e-mail address of their healthcare organisation attend at no charge, with a nominal administrative fee.

  • Access for Patient-Advocates: Passes available on request for patient-advocates to contribute to this transformative event.
More information

Nederlands Programma

Naast het internationale programma bieden we gedurende de drie dagen ook een groot en vertrouwd Nederlands programma aan. Dit programma toont de laatste ontwikkelingen, innovaties en initiatieven in Nederland. Het omvat talloze breakout-sessies en discussies, en biedt waardevolle inzichten en mogelijkheden om contact te leggen met lokale experts, gezondheidsorganisaties en beleidsmakers, terwijl je tevens internationale inspiratie opdoet. (Accreditatiepunten zijn aangevraagd).  

Abstract Inzendingen en Partnerschips

Voor meer informatie over abstract inzendingen of partnerschipmogelijkheden, neem gerust contact met ons op via events@icthealth.nl.  

Blijk van Waardering

  • Gratis Deelname voor Zorgprofessionals met BIG-nummer: Als blijk van waardering voor de toewijding en inzet van zorgprofessionals met een BIG-nummer, bieden we gratis deelname aan alle dagen van de conferentie, met slechts een symbolische administratiekosten van 25 euro. Dit is een kans die je niet wilt missen!  
  • Kosteloos Openbaar Vervoer: Als extra voordeel bieden wij onze bezoekers, zolang de vooraad strekt, kosteloos openbaar vervoer aan in heel Maastricht. Verrijk je congreservaring door de rijke geschiedenis van de stad te verkennen, te genieten van culinaire hoogstandjes en je onder te dompelen in het levendige nachtleven, allemaal binnen handbereik dankzij deze speciale service.  

Toegang voor Patiënten

  • Passen voor Patiënten op aanvraag: Voor patiënten zijn entreetickets beschikbaar op aanvraag.