Kennis & innovatie

Future Shapers: ''I knew this was going to be a journey whose final destination was not quite determined.''

In the future, it will be possible to replace entire fossil power plants with Elestor's patented flow battery.



Sign up for the Circular Award 2024!

In the Week of the Circular Economy (March 11-16), the national awards for circular entrepreneurship will be presented by the Minister of Infrastructure and Water

As safe as a fly swatter

Novioponics believes that the sustainability of agriculture must be reformed. No genetic manipulation, attention to nature.

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Applications as of Feb. 15, 2024

DEI+: Gasification of residual streams

Are you an entrepreneur investing in a production plant for converting waste streams?

Apply from March 19, 2024

Mission-Driven Research, Development and Innovation (MOOI)

The MOOI is one of the Top Sector Energy's grants for energy innovation. The final application will begin on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. Want to know more?



Additional space needed for sustainable transition

VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland are pleased that with the program 'Space for Economy', presented today, the cabinet is steering for maintaining sufficient physical spac



Towards a circular future: 'Together we can take steps and make meters'

Sharing knowledge, learning from each other, developing new ideas but above all looking at changes with fresh eyes.



Save on your energy contract is focused on informing business owners about the legal obligations in the field of energy saving.



New packaging rules force more chain cooperation

The government is introducing more and more laws and regulations to reduce the negative impact of packaging on the environment.

Column Helga van Leur: heartwarming winter

We have landed in the dark days of the year.

Podcast Entrepreneurial Drive receives Rowen Potma (AKAB)

Technology, including robotics, is going to play a big role in the workforce shortage.

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Omnichannel marketing as a growth opportunity for retail marketers

Building true customer loyalty is not easy, even for the smartest marketers.

Enter the Limburg Circular Innovation Top 20!

Circular business is the future.



Companies in the Netherlands can make significant impact on reducing global CO2 emissions

The best packaging is no packaging

Moonen Packaging's goal is to be the leader in sustainable packaging solutions in Europe by the end of 2026 with a CO2 neutral operation and healthy sales growth



Biodiversity pays off for entrepreneurs and workers

Biodiversity is rapidly declining in the Netherlands and around the world due to human activity.