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How is Weinheimer Natural Stone doing now?

Weinheimer Natural Stone is embracing circular enterprise.



CIRCO Track: Start on September 24, 2024

Want to take your first or a follow-up step towards more circular business? Sign up for the CIRCO Track starting this September.



Net congestion: Everything you want to know and can do as an entrepreneur

Enterprises large and small have or will face grid congestion.

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From pitching in front of a jury to testing at Summer Park Festival

Press release.

LWV and Land of Makers commit to uniting and strengthening Limburg's manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry plays a major role in Limburg's economic dynamism.

Reporting on sustainability as an SME, where do you start?

Getting started with sustainability reporting and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)? This white paper tells you step-by-step how!

Open for applications

EKOO: Electricity

Is your company researching or developing performance improvement opportunities for renewable (sustainable) energy generation? .

6 steps to make plant-based a success according to WUR

Accelerating the protein transition can be done in steps, according to Wageningen University & Research.

Open from June 18, 2024

Grant Conversion Plastic Processors.

Are you a processor of plastics and make plastic products from polymers?

Greentom: pioneers of a green future

Maastricht is home to Greentom, a stroller brand that stands for "Green Tomorrow. Since 2013, this company has been working toward a greener future.

Open from June 18, 2024

Grant companies to research circular plastic

Companies that make plastic products can apply for grants from June 18, 2024, to investigate how to start using more circular plastic.

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Open from June 11, 2024

Stimulating innovation with MIT South Netherlands: subsidy scheme for SME entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur in Zeeland, North Brabant or Limburg with an innovative solution in the making?


5 questions for Silke Geerts



Subsidy for zero-emission van popular: budget already more than half used up

Since April 23, you can apply for up to 5,000 euros in subsidies for a zero-emission van.



New diagnostic technology Maastricht company ToxGenSolutions

ToxGenSolutions is well advanced with a test that can predict alzheimer's at least six years before the first symptoms.

AI agents: ChatGPT with hands and feet

In the future, we will increasingly have to deal with autonomous AI.