The need is great

Limburg entrepreneurs are fully engaged in digitalization. Covid has played a major role in this. From one moment to the next, people were obliged to do more online. Think of distance education or digital applications in healthcare. Almost the entire society was forced to take steps in digitalization in a short period of time. Thus the digital transition gained momentum, with all the growing pains that come with it

What schemes or programs's may be of interest to you?

The partners of shiftLimburg offer you help within the digital transition and are happy to assist you. But there are also interesting schemes and programs's that add value to the choices you want to make. We highlight some of them for you.

Digitization x energy

Generating renewable energy, which is the goal of the energy transition, cannot be done without smart software systems. Digitalization is needed to make that technically possible. For example, look at Sqippa, a platform that helps with energy savings for companies.

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Digitization x circularity

Exactly the same applies to the circular transition: digitization is needed to innovate. Circularise is a recent investment by Brightlands Venture Partners, with a digital raw materials passport for end products that enables measurement and promotion of circularity.

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Digitization x health

In the health transition, e-Health is a well-known solution in supporting and improving health care. The shift from curative care to prevention requires tools, such as wearables and software. This, of course, requires digital technology. BirthVR is a VR solution developed by Birthcoach bv in collaboration with research partner Zuyderland hospital. This product contributes to pain management in childbirth.

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