ZON Fruits & Vegetables sees opportunity for tomato futures market

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2 August 2019

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After a feasibility study into joining a European futures market for raw materials by Professor Joost Pennings of Maastricht University, ZON Fruit and Vegetables sees opportunities for a futures market for tomatoes. In a futures market, several parties trade, which means you can get more certainty about price.

According to Michiel van Ginkel, director of ZON, the plans are promising to create more certainty in price and volume. The day market brings with it a lot of uncertainty. There are many advantages to linking the day market with the futures market. Several parties trade on the futures market, so you can get more certainty about your price. The same goes for a fixed volume. A futures contract therefore provides much more certainty.

More successful in cooperation

ZON is looking for partners to take the first step in tomatoes. The plan is still under development, but the possibility exists to set up an international futures trade for greenhouse vegetables at an existing European exchange. The chances of success are greater if several parties work together, Van Ginkel points out.

Source: GFactual