Ministry of LNV opens Subsidy Module for Agricultural Business Advice and Education (Sabe)

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4 November 2020

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Agricultural entrepreneurs who want to make the switch to circular agriculture can now use the opportunity to buy independent expertise through the Subsidy Module for Agricultural Business Advice and Education (Sabe). For this purpose, the national government is making 45 million euros available. The scheme is one of the steps that makes it possible for farmers and market gardeners to invest in a sustainable future for their business.

The purpose of the Sabe is to support agricultural entrepreneurs who (individually or together) want to increase their knowledge of how to run their business sustainably. The Sabe makes it easier for agricultural entrepreneurs to obtain the most current insights on possible adjustments in their operational management and thus facilitates a (further) step towards circular agriculture and climate proof business. The Sabe scheme consists of three parts, each with their own specific characteristics.

Voucher for farmers


These vouchers have a value of up to €1,500. Farmers can apply for this voucher (which is valid for one year) from 30 November. The voucher can be used for various focus areas, such as nitrogen emission, healthy soil, nature inclusive agriculture, precision agriculture, personal development or business succession. Farmers can also bundle the vouchers to make use of advice in groups. The voucher can also be used to attend an in-depth nitrogen course. There are 2000 vouchers available in the coming year, so we expect a 'run' on these vouchers.

Voucher for consultants

These vouchers have a value of up to € 1,250, -. From 30 November agricultural advisers can apply for a voucher, which can be used for training to become a nitrogen adviser. In addition, it is important that advisers who want to give advice on the vouchers to be used under point 1, voucher for farmers, register in the BAS register.

Regulation for partnerships

From October 30 to December 11, applications can be submitted for collaborations on certain topics (soil management, animal health, earning capacity, etc.). On application, a grant can be awarded to companies that performs things like training, workshops and coaching for a partnership consisting of agricultural companies.

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On November 10, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., a webinar will be held to provide more insight into the possibilities of the Sabe. Read more about this webinar here. You can read the full text of the regulation in the Government Gazette.