Limburg takes part in INTERREG project Regions4Food

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17 July 2019

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Limburg is participating in the INTERREG Europe project Regions4Food.
Regions4Food wants to drive the relationship between Digitalization and the Agro and Food value chain. With this project, Limburg can further develop itself and stay among the leading group of European Innovating Agro-regions.


The Regions4Food project has a budget of over 1.5 million euros, the majority of which is paid by Europe. Limburg will receive over 1.5 tons from the project budget, in part to allow Limburg companies to take a look at their colleagues abroad.


Lead partner is the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia region (Spain). Partners are Region Administration Pays de La Loire (France), Seinajöki University (Finland), Region Emilia Development Company ARTER Stock Joint Consortium (Italy), Regional Innovation Company South Transnubia (Hungary), Region Administration Pazardzik (Bulgaria) and of course the Province of Limburg.


It's all about maximizing the innovative potential of all actors of the Agro and Food value chain through the use of ICT. This means on the one hand the digitization of processes; think of sensoring, robotization, tracking & tracing, precision agriculture, just in time fresh logistics, use of augmented reality and more - and on the other hand use and exploitation of Big Data for knowledge development, market information and management.

Limburg activities in the project

The project involves 3 core activities for Limburg:

  1. To give a state of the art picture of the state of digitalization of the Limburg agribusiness: who is doing what and how.
  2. Presenting the total or at least a representative share of the total number of parties in Limburg that are active in the field of digitization in relation to the agri-food sector: who and what do we have.
  3. Gathering the views of these parties on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in this regard: what help can the Limburg parties use.

The Province of Limburg then has the task of translating the findings, together with those parties, into recommendations for (subsidy) instruments, in particular the European funds for Regional Policy, known as the "OP Zuid" program.

More info

On Kiempunt you can now join the group Digitalization, Precision Agriculture and Big Data to exchange knowledge and contacts.
Here you will also find more information about the project, useful links and latest progress updates.