Light4Food improves growth recipe for high wire crops

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4 May 2018

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Light4Food recently received an innovation grant to develop an indoor growing system of high wire crops for seed breeding. The company previously developed such a system for leafy crops.

René van Haeff of Light4Food: "Every crop requires different light spectra, climate requirements, air movement and nutrition. Now we are investigating the optimal situation for high wire crops, such as cucumbers and tomatoes. On the one hand, this is a search for the right botanical growth recipe, and on the other for the installation in which this growth recipe is shown to its best advantage; the technical growth recipe." The first test installation for indoor growing of high wire crops was built in a former spray booth, soon a more advanced one may be built.


Benefits of the new solution lie mainly in the efficiency battle. The breeding cycle can be significantly shortened, the quality of the crop is more stable through optimal growth conditions and cultivation is very sustainable through recirculation and regeneration of heat and water.

From the Netherlands to Russia

Initially Light4Food serves breeding companies in the Netherlands. Later, countries with extreme climate conditions will also come into the picture for production cultivation, such as Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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