Growth Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo - opening Brighthouse and Brightworks

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20 September 2021

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Thanks to the influx of companies and institutions in the field of innovation in food, future farming and biocircular economy, the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo is growing rapidly. On September 15 Deputy member Satijn of the province and Mayor Scholten of Venlo festively opened the new Brighthouse and Brightworks, which were already in use earlier this year.

The food innovation campus of Brightlands in Venlo has grown rapidly since its start 2017 with the establishment of many companies and institutes active in and around the food chain. With Brighthouse and Brightworks, the campus has the opportunity to further realize its growth ambitions. The buildings offer space for new laboratories, workshops, pilot production, Research Development and office facilities.

Official opening act

The official opening act was performed by Deputy Stephan Satijn of the Province of Limburg, together with Mayor Antoin Scholten. "The Brightlands Campus has proven to play a crucial role in bringing parties together. This is where meetings take place between entrepreneurs and scientists. This is where new ideas are born and innovation takes place. Here are students who give a new impetus to the whole. If anywhere the ecosystem is developing, it is on the campus where we are today. The opening of the new buildings means that the approach works and is successful," says Antoin Scholten. Stephan Satijn adds: "The Brightlands Campuses, with their innovation power, are of great value in moving towards sustainable economic growth. Brighthouse and Brightworks are great meeting places for different parties for this purpose."

Specific need

Brightworks is the place for which there is a lot of interest from startups and scale-ups and the first companies have moved in, such as Innoveins Seed Solutions and Brightlabs. Brighthouse is an easily scalable design that offers parties a supportive environment in which rapid growth is possible. The design is based on flexibility, allowing the buildings to be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the tenants. The Brighthouse concept is developed at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, where the third Brighthouse will be realized.


Brighthouse in Venlo has now leased three of its five floors to Maastricht University, BVB Substrates/Kekkilä and newcomer to Brightlands Pulse X Fellowmind. Brightlands director Saskia Goetgeluk: "So we not only have the opening of buildings to celebrate, but also the arrival of a new major tenant and a substantial expansion of two existing ones. A solid boost."

Maastricht University

Dean Thomas Cleij of Maastricht University and founder of the Brightlands Future Farming Institute: "In Venlo we combine the forces of the region, Maastricht University and the campus. Here the researchers and students are in the middle of the region, among the companies involved in agrifood. We are literally neighbors to each other: you bump into each other, get into a conversation and this gives rise to the most wonderful collaborations and innovations."


Guido Linders, business unit director of European substrate giant Kekkilä-BVB: "The network that is created on the campus between our people and the companies, organizations and research institutions, ensures that we as a company are more quickly informed of the innovations and developments in the region. We find our way even faster in the changes around us and we benefit enormously from this as a company. We gain inspiration and beautiful collaborations arise."

Pulse X Fellowmind

Managing director Ton Hagens of Pulse X Fellowmind: "By moving to the campus we create more opportunities for collaboration within and outside the organization. Brighthouse is not only an ideal location to spar with colleagues, but also an inspiring place to invite clients and seek collaboration with organizations in the immediate vicinity." Brightlands houses a nice mix of well-known names, startups and educational institutions with ambition. "As a company that helps other companies in manufacturing, commerce and service digitally transform and become future-proof, we look forward to being part of this and expanding and giving substance to our network in a natural way."

Source: Brightlands