#Climate farmers in the spotlight

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4 November 2021

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Because farmers and horticulturalists work in and with nature, they are the first to feel the effects of climate change. Extreme weather has already had a major impact in recent years - with flooding in the south of the Netherlands this summer and, conversely, extreme drought, water shortages and record-breaking temperatures in previous years.

Farmers and horticulturalists are therefore also committed to finding solutions to the climate challenges. During COP26, LTO Nederland is drawing attention to this with a social media campaign #klimaatboeren.

Climate change

On November 2, policymakers met in Glasgow to discuss climate change. The outcomes of COP26 will also have an impact on farmers and gardeners. To emphasize that climate measures start with a better climate for farmers and horticulturists, LTO Nederland therefore puts various initiatives and innovations from the agricultural sector in the spotlight. Farmers and horticulturists have solutions. For this it is necessary that policy makers offer space to the earning power, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship of our sector.

Greenhouse gas reduction

Greenhouse gas reduction is not new for farmers and horticulturists. The agricultural sector has already made great strides since 1990. Greenhouse gas emissions in livestock farming have decreased by about 18%, in crop cultivation by 43%, and agriculture was already 100% self-sufficient in energy use in 2018 thanks to the production of renewable energy. The ambition is to be climate neutral by 2050.

Read more about the commitment to Europe's Fit for 55 climate package here .

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