Submit your innovation for the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award 2023

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26 January 2023

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Do you have a brilliant innovation? One that contributes to the growth of your company, works on a social issue and is committed to a sustainable world? Then the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award is just the thing for you!

As winner in your category you will receive a reward of € 20,000 to further develop your innovation. In addition, you will receive € 2,500 credit to spend on training from innovation coaches of the Open Innovation Team of Rabobank and its partners.

John Janssen

John Janssen has worked for Rabobank for 34 years. Besides his position as Business Development Manager for Sustainable Business, he is also Teamlead Medicidesk. 'From different disciplines in banking, we help entrepreneurs with their issues. For example, when someone wants to take over a medical company or buy in. Often it also depends on what stage of business the entrepreneur is in,' says John.

Register through Feb. 3!

John is involved in the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award from the Health Care branch. He likes to draw the attention of entrepreneurs and encourage them to register. John: "Often I hear things like: "I'm not that far yet" or "am I big enough". None of that is relevant. There are no requirements to participate. Just an innovation that can make a difference.'

Submit your innovation until Friday, Feb. 3. 'After that we will start working as a pre-assessment committee, within our category. In the team are people from Rabo Netherlands, the Circle and Business line. We try to be as broad as possible,' says John.

How does it work?

  • Feb. 3: closure of registration
  • Feb. 9: first selection
  • March 9: second selection
  • April 10 to May 1: member award voting period
  • May 16: pitch day and finals Yes!Delft

"There are no requirements to participate. Only an innovation that can make a difference."

Three categories

The Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award 2023 will be awarded in three categories:

  • Food Transition
  • Inclusive society & health
  • Energy transition

John: "These concepts are very broad, so what sector you come from doesn't really matter. We also encourage that. If you meet a certain theme, you'll end up in one of the categories. From there we peel off: what does the team consist of, is the innovation scalable, what does it add to society and does it also have an X-factor. Social interpretation is important, but with sufficient innovativeness.'


Expand network

In addition to a nice cash prize, there is more to win. In fact, the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award is a great entry point for expanding your network. You come into contact with many other innovative entrepreneurs. 'Knowledge, capital and network: three magic words we often use at the Rabo. It is precisely unlocking that network that is so important. That perhaps surpasses that price,' says John.


Winners edition 2022

Curious about last year's winners? Watch the video for a brief impression.

'What I especially like about this award is that you give innovations a stage. As Rabobank, one of the big banks, we dare to stick our necks out. We also ensure that risk capital can be provided. That's what we often do together with LIOF. That way we can help innovation projects develop to the next stage. Some succeed and others fail. That's part of the job.'

'I am very proud and happy that Psylaris took the award, in the health category, to Limburg last year. Apart from all the exposure, they are making great strides. A company that provides jobs, new innovations, investments and you name it.'


Rabo Sustainable Innovation Member Award 2023

Which finalist does the public think has the best plan? Between April 10 and May 1, 2023, Rabobank's more than 2 million members can vote for the smartest or best applicable innovation. They do this via the Rabo Banking App.

The winner will receive the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Member Award on May 16, 2023.


Final Day May 16 live on RTLZ

During the pitch and finals day on May 16, 2023, the judges'll choose the winner in each category. In addition to Rabobank employees, these jury's consist of entrepreneurs and experts. The winners of each category and the winner of the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Member Award 2023 will be announced directly at the end of the day. This day is organized in cooperation with and at Yes!Delft.