Textile entrepreneurs on the road to reuse across the chain

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29 January 2024

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In a new project, 150 textile entrepreneurs and organizations are making their chains circular. They are doing this by using renewable, sustainable raw materials. In this way they save materials, reduce their CO2 emissions and contribute significantly to an economy in which waste does not exist.

Textile sector in the move


The Circular Textiles Project is mainly for innovative textile companies, collectors, processors, recycling stores and repair cafes. It is about:

  • reuse internationally
  • reuse in the Netherlands
  • recycling, with a focus on fiber-to-fiber recycling

Entrepreneurs are working together on multiple challenges around reuse of fashion, interior, carpet and textile. In doing so, they are breaking the chain and setting an example for other entrepreneurs in their sector.

In recent years, frontrunners in this chain have already done a lot around, for example, "design for recycling. This means that when designing products you already make sure that they can be easily recycled after their lifetime. In this way, valuable materials can be reused.

Implement plan of action


Circular Textiles is the 4th chain breakthrough project approved by the Versnellingshuis Nederland circulair! With support from chain direction, the entrepreneurs (chain parties) can implement their plan of action. The parties work together to create the right conditions to raise investments in feasible business cases. And to remove obstacles. The project runs for 3 years.

Previous approved projects


The 1st chain breakthrough project approved the Acceleration House in July 2023. That project is for reuse of steel in construction. In November 2023, 2 projects for circular sheet metal and circular flooring were added.

Take the chain lead for circular textiles


Are you interested in taking chain direction of this project? You can still sign up for the assignment. You can register for the chain direction until February 16, 12:00 pm. More information can be found here: Chain Direction at Chain Breakthrough Project Circular Textiles (tenderned.nl).