StoneCycling: sustainable designer bricks

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1 September 2022

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StoneCycling: sustainable designer bricks

Design bricks from pulverized waste

"We once started with an idea: can you make new building materials from construction and demolition waste?" thinks Ward back. The idea for StoneCycling came about ten years ago, when co-founder Tom van Soest was studying at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. As his graduation project, he created designer bricks that consisted largely of pulverized waste. "This graduation project led to a prototype and our first potential customers," says Ward. 

22,830 kilos of construction waste in the facade

In 2015, the first project was a reality. In Rotterdam, a building was constructed from WasteBasedBricks from StoneCycling. The exterior facade incorporates 22,830 kilograms of construction waste. Projects like this don't happen overnight, Ward emphasises: "The market in which we operate is a long-term one. The lead time of projects can easily be several years. It is therefore necessary to invest heavily before even one brick is laid. In product development, marketing and sales;

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'StoneCycling is a true networking organization'

The men do not do this further professionalization alone. StoneCycling is a real network organization. Ward: "We work together with many different companies. From recycling companies in the region to producers, knowledge institutions and other financiers, such as Rabobank Venlo;

"We focus entirely on the circular economy"

260,000 pounds of waste in New York

In 2018, StoneCycling delivered bricks for a residential building on 11th Avenue in New York, the largest project to date. 260,000 pounds of waste were used to produce these bricks. "A beautiful project that we are proud of. But we are proud of our customers anyway. They mainly consist of innovative project developers and architects who dare to stick their necks out with high-profile and sustainable projects." 

'We're only at 1% of where we want to go'

What the men can also be proud of is the development of their company. By now StoneCycling has completed over sixty projects in ten countries for high-profile names, including Starbucks. And today the company employs seven people. But Ward and Tom are still far from where they want to be. To continue growing and developing, Ward is happy to share some tips for other entrepreneurs.

"Developing an innovative product requires naivety, is our motto."

'Keep pushing and learning'

Looking back, it has been quite a journey to get where we are today. Our naivety in the initial phase ensured that we continued to work and learn. We now know a little more, but at the same time we realize that we are only at 1% of where we want to be. In addition, involving professionals who can facilitate entrepreneurs is extremely important. That's how you keep getting one step further;