Save the date: the Biobased building event on March 30

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30 March 2023

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Sjaak Berden


World-wide, the construction sector is responsible for as much as 40% of total CO2 emissions (2019 figures). In the Netherlands, we are therefore working hard to meet the climate goals. One way to address this is Biobased construction. This technique involves moving away from the traditional way of building where brick, concrete and steel are used, and using materials that come from nature (think fiber hemp, straw and wood). Sjaak: "The biggest advantage is that the materials are renewable. In fact, they can be taken from nature. And, instead of CO2 being released by the production of the materials, CO2 is actually stored."

Now, of course, questions immediately arise: 'How sustainable is this technology? What about the fire risk when using wood and other natural materials? What about its long-term durability and value retention?' But, nothing could be further from the truth. "In recent years, an awful lot of technologies have been developed. As a result, the materials, for example straw or wood, are treated in a certain way that makes them fire-safe and can also be used sustainably. So they have the same lifespan as traditional building materials," Berden said.

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Fiber crops: from land to property

30 March LIOF, in cooperation with Rabobank, Province of Limburg and Platform Nieuwe Teelten Limburg, is organizing the event: 'Fiber crops: from land to building'. The goal of this event is to move together towards the use of sustainable building materials. The dot on the horizon of the event is clear. Sjaak: "To bring together people from the construction sector on the one hand, and the agricultural sector on the other, and show what possibilities there are. Because, these two sectors can help each other tremendously in this and contribute to a greater cause." The event itself will feature a number of speakers from the sectors themselves, as well as practical examples. It will take place at Villa Flora in Venlo, from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., with lunch included.

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