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11 August 2022

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Profiteerpas is a free service for any business. An online advertising platform where businesses can advertise. Free of charge. No administration costs, no subscription costs, and the profits from sales via the platform go directly to the companies themselves. What's not to like so!

Founders and Directors Tom de la Rambelje and Keanu Franssen, tell:

"Profiteerpas embraces the challenges of digitization for businesses and governments while allowing consumers to benefit. With Profiteerpas, companies can be creative and use various promotional strategies. From a planned action to an impulsive offer such as: 'Oh no, the chef has ordered too much steak ... let's combine it with wine and make it a nice deal!'



Two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs

The two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs started Profiteerpas in 2019. It was an instant success. Within three months, 70 businesses joined the platform. "But then corona came along and we had to drastically rethink our business model. After all, companies were paying a fixed monthly fee at the time ... and no company wanted to subscribe anymore."


Above all, no fuss

The glass is half full for the men. So they looked at how to embrace the changing economy. "From the beginning we had the vision to make the platform as accessible as possible to everyone. A tool to connect entrepreneurs. Corona actually forced us to get even closer to this vision. We therefore decided to make the platform completely free of charge for everyone. No registration and administration costs, no mandatory discounts, no commission fees and above all no hassle."


The new revenue model had to be tested first

Tom and Keanu ended up at LIOF through the Voucher Project LimburgTourism instrument. LIOF was immediately enthusiastic about the initiative. Lisette Tilmans, business developer at LIOF: "This is very interesting for municipalities, large companies and real estate owners. With the data they can, for example, also combat commercial vacancy. And give people deals that benefit both consumers and businesses. In this way, Profiteerpas helps to make the city healthier and to combat vacancy."

"Sensors interacting with online behavior combined with smart algorithms: the possibilities are endless"

Tom de la Rambelje and Keanu Franssen

Why is the platform so important?

"We find that companies are often 'required' to join similar platforms, such as,, home delivery or social deal. After which they have to pay high commissions. While at the same time they often have to offer high discounts to make deals possible. This is almost not feasible for the companies.

Profit pass is important to counteract these negative effects of other platforms. Businesses have all the advantages they have with other platforms without all the disadvantages. This allows businesses to continue to offer quality with a smile.


It makes our society more social

With Profiteerpas, the company has no costs and they can reach a wider audience. In addition, the platform uses smart algorithms to link companies together. "So that, for example, people stay longer in a city and combine purchases," Keanu explains. "Staying overnight in a hotel, having breakfast in a restaurant, shopping, having lunch in a bistro, entertaining, enjoying the evening life and going to a nearby village or city the next day."

"This creates a much healthier business environment," Tom adds. "Consumers, businesses and the cities themselves notice this. In short, it makes our society more social, we are convinced."

"The platform goes 'on the back end' far beyond nice offerings for consumers alone"

Keep confidence!

Finally, do the men have any tips for other entrepreneurs? To also do business smartly and with more focus on a healthy society? "Keep faith," they sound unanimously. "If you really believe in your added value and vision, keep pushing forward. Innovation takes time. Find the right partners who do believe in your concept and take steps, however small. After a while you look back and they turn out to have been giant steps after all."

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Lars Smits

Thursday 18 August 2022 - 11:13

Mooi project!

Mooi verhaal van ambitieuze ondernemers!