Opening OPZuid ERDF 2021-2027

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22 September 2022

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OPZuid ERDF 2021-2027

OPZuid ERDF 2021-2027

Opening 2022

Do you have an innovative project for which you want to apply for European funding? You can again! The first opening of the ERDF program OPZuid 2021-2027 is from September 12, 09:00 to November 4, 17:00. 

OPZuid ERDF 2021-2027

South Netherlands has the ambition with the ERDF program 2021-2027 (OPZuid) to implement the RIS3-priorities and thus to use and strengthen the regional strength on economy, entrepreneurship and innovation, with social as well as economic impact as a goal. This means: contributing to innovative solutions to five major social transitions that play a role both in the south of the Netherlands and globally, and enabling market players to seize (inter)national market opportunities.

Subsidy for harnessing the power of innovation for economic and social impact

The new OPZuid program makes grants available for collaborative projects in the chain(s) that contribute to innovative solutions to five major societal transitions occurring in the southern Netherlands and globally. The five transitions are: energy, climate, raw materials, health and agriculture & food.

The five transitions are in line with the Green Deal and European and national innovation policies. Technological knowledge is important to achieve breakthroughs, but not sufficient on its own. The challenge is to use the technological and non-technological strengths of the South, through cooperation within the region but also beyond its borders. In the ERDF program, the South Netherlands is shaping this commitment through the policy objective of 'A Smarter Europe' and 'A Greener Europe'.

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