Natural Limburg seeks land users

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26 January 2024

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Naturrijk Limburg is actively seeking farmers and other farmland managers who would like to participate in the Agrarisch Natuur- en Landschapsbeheer (ANLb) scheme from 2024 for a hectare fee.

They will be able to participate in the Agricultural Nature and Landscape Management (ANLb) scheme from 2024 for a hectare fee.

By participating in the ANLb, you contribute to improving biodiversity and water quality and contribute to climate goals in rural areas. For the management of agricultural land within the ANLb scheme, Natuurrijk Limburg pays you a multi-year fee. Meanwhile, Natuurrijk Limburg has over 1200 agricultural and private participants.


Depending on your location and your interest, Natuurrijk Limburg will make arrangements with you to carry out certain management packages for target species of the ANLb. You carry out the management and you receive a guaranteed payment (for labor and lost income) from Natuurrijk Limburg. For example, there are field management packages for the partridge €2,868 per hectare, packages with herb-rich grassland from €1,375 per hectare, packages with landscape elements such as standard orchards €2,081.30 per hectare and pools €160.77 to €286.79 each.


On the vast majority of agricultural land within the province of Limburg, ANLb is possible. Natural land is excluded. We will look together whether your location is of added value for target species of the ANLb and which packages suit you.


Support from Natuurrijk Limburg


The field staff of Natuurrijk Limburg advise and guide participants in their management. You can contact them with questions.