The 5 basic principles of secure digital business

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8 November 2023

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The 5 basic principles of secure digital business

For Dutch companies, digital security is a prerequisite for seizing the opportunities of the digital economy. The reality is that entrepreneurs face cyber threats on a daily basis. Companies must guard against these threats and invest sufficiently in security. The cyber risks for entrepreneurs are diverse and range from paying a ransom to regain access to one's own company network to the failure of production facilities, putting the continuity of the company in acute danger.

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Why the 5 basic principles?

The 5 Basic Principles of Secure Digital Business are designed to help business owners get basic security in place. Entrepreneurs who follow the 5 basic principles increase their resilience to cyber risks that can disrupt business operations.

For whom:

The 5 basic principles are written in such a way that every entrepreneur, whether they are self-employed or SME, can cope with them. They are accessible and practically written down. So don't wait any longer and get started immediately so that your company is more resilient against cyber risks. Large enterprises with their own ICT department are not directly the target group of the basics.

1. Inventory vulnerabilities


Inventory the ICT components, vulnerabilities and make a risk analysis. For risks, look at availability, integrity and confidentiality.

2. Choose secure settings


Control the settings of devices, software and network and Internet connections. Adjust default settings and take a critical look at features and services that are automatically "on."

3. Perform updates


Control that devices and software are up-to-date. Install security updates immediately. Enable automatic updates so your devices and software always run on the latest version from now on.

4. Restrict access


Define which systems and data each employee needs access to in order to work. Make sure access rights are changed when someone takes a new position or leaves the company.

5. Prevent viruses and other malware


There are 4 ways to prevent malware: Encourage safe employee behavior, use an antivirus program, download apps safely and limit software installation options.


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Silke Geerts

Monday 4 December 2023 - 11:38

Eens... en vergeet de (juiste) applicaties niet

Helemaal eens met deze 5 basisprincipes. Ik zou er nog eentje aan willen toevoegen die ik in de praktijk steeds vaker tegenkom: gebruik de juiste applicaties... Ga eens na of je geen onnodige applicaties gebruikt voor bepaalde handelingen die wellicht in andere applicaties kunnen door bijvoorbeeld opschaling van modules. Met andere woorden: een soort van gezondheidschecks van je software, afgezet tegen de processen in je bedrijf... mega interessante opdracht!