Knowledge session: strengthen your business through data-driven work!

Item date:

07 June

Event location: Above the Wolfskuil 3, 6049 LX Deer

18:00 - 20:30

data-driven working knowledge session

Getting started with enterprise data and an algorithm

The market is changing enormously, developments are happening fast, the future is unpredictable. What does that mean for your organization? Do you make decisions based on gut feeling or do you let objective data play a role? What data do you actually have and what can you do with it? One thing is certain: good insight and smart use of data is crucial. Having your data in order is a first step. A next step is to use this data for your business to make predictions (from predictive maintenance to customer behavior and purchasing management);

What are we going to do?

  • A variety of real-world examples will be featured on June 7. From the cafeteria on the corner and the artisanal metal worker to the international wholesaler and the multinationals of this world. Where are you now with your business? Based on that insight you will get practical tools to get started with your data.
  • In the second part we are going to make a cup of coffee in five different ways and while doing this you will learn and experience from a business perspective how algorithms work and how they can contribute to the business and where they absolutely cannot.

What will it get you?

During the session, you will get concrete answers to the following questions:

  1. Where do I get my data from,
  2. What analytics can I perform? Think about predicting prices, maintenance, sales.
  3. What are the differences and similarities between data analytics, data driven work and AI?
  4. What four questions can I start with tomorrow? And what do I need the day after tomorrow?
  5. What is an algorithm and how is it related to my business?

In short: We take you into the world of data-driven work. You will gain insight, get inspired and can start working with data driven work yourself the day after. With up-to-date knowledge and the right mindset. And with a big smile and a healthy dose of motivation!


Business center the Roerpoort, Boven de Wolfskuil 3, 6049 LX Herten