Limburg has a unique and innovative eco-system that links up with strong sectors such as agro-food, chemicals & materials and life sciences & health. From these sectors and the commitment to the four transitions we ensure economic return with social impact.

Is your company already making smart use of data?

With the Data Maturity Scan - developed by the Limburg Employers' Association (LWV) and LIOF in cooperation with Open University - you get a first insight into where your company stands in relation to the application of data and related techniques such as big data or AI.
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SLEM: Smart Logistics E-fulfilment Management

South of the Netherlands has a large number of logistics hotspots and the region has a strong ambition to maintain a sustainable logistics sector. However, this requires an innovative approach. SLEM aims to promote the open innovation climate within the Southern Netherlands logistics top sector. Important topics are digitization and data exchange, supervision and enforcement (customs) and automation and robotization (e-fulfilment).

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