Kopie van Lock on power grid: "Unacceptable and incomprehensible"

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20 June 2022

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The Limburg Employers Association (LWV) and VNO-NCW Brabant Zeeland find it unacceptable that no new companies can be connected to the electricity grid in Brabant and Limburg. This applies to connections larger than 3×80 ampere, the so-called large consumption companies, and applies to new connections or the upgrading of existing ones. It also applies to companies that want to supply power back to the grid. The decision was taken by national grid manager TenneT.


Look what you can

The LWV and VNO-NCW Brabant Zeeland have great difficulty with the fact that not only the growth of companies, but also the sustainability of the industry will be halted. It is incomprehensible that the capacity of the power grid was not taken into account earlier when expressing ambitions in the field of sustainability. Both nationally and in Limburg, VNO-NCW has previously called on the government to take the lead in expanding the capacity of the power grid. Until now, this has not been done adequately. The urgency of this is increasing daily. It is now important to see what measures can be taken in the short term to find room for new connections within the limited possibilities. The LWV and VNO-NCW Brabant and Zeeland want to discuss this with the provincial administrators.


Integral policy on energy and the environment


The course of events surrounding the shortfall in the capacity of the power grid shows that there is a strong need for integral policy on energy transition in relation to environmental policy. The business community fully endorses the need for energy transition, but also sees that direction is required if the required movement is to be made. Dossiers such as the energy infrastructure, the availability of alternative fuel carriers and accompanying legislation - for example, the Nature Conservation Act concerning nitrogen emissions - must be viewed in conjunction with each other. So far, this has been done entirely inadequately. It is up to the central government to take up this direction now.

The LWV and VNO-NCW Brabant Zeeland will consult with their members about the problems caused by congestion on the electricity grid.

There have been many responses to the survey we put out. We will give feedback on the results as soon as possible via newsletter/app and website.


Source: LWV