Sustainable chicken farmer Kipster from Oirlo makes crossing to the U.S.

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8 October 2021

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The Limburg-based producer of sustainable chicken eggs Kipster is expanding into the United States. Next week the construction of four chicken farms in the state of Indiana will start.

The first Kipster eggs are scheduled to arrive in American supermarkets before Christmas 2022. To this end, Kipster, founded in Oirlo, is working with Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the US in terms of sales. Kroger has signed a multi-year contract with Kipster with a purchase guarantee, according to the egg producer. According to Kipster, the supermarket giant will also buy the meat from chickens that are no longer laying eggs.

Kipster plans to start supplying the U.S. with just under 30 million eggs a year. The goal is to eventually grow to more than 100 million eggs annually.

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The Kipster stables in the U.S. are being built by MPS Egg Farms, a family-owned company dating back to 1875 that is among the ten largest egg producers in the country. MPS Egg Farms bought the Kipster concept and is building the chicken farms in close cooperation with the Limburg-based company.

The houses that are being built in the US are identical to the Dutch ones in terms of concept, says Kipster. For example, the American chickens will soon be eating circular feed, including leftovers from the food industry, which means less grain needs to be used. Also, according to Kipster, the eggs are CO2-neutral and animal welfare is paramount in the stables.


The plans for growth abroad have existed for some time, but were delayed by the corona pandemic. In April, Kipster raised "a substantial amount" from the Limburg investor Brightlands Agrifood Fund. Kipster is now using that money, amounts not mentioned, for its international expansion. Besides building the four houses in the US, there are plans for chicken farms in the UK, France and Germany. Rolling out the concept in other parts of the world is also on the Limburgers' wish list.

"The interest in our climate-neutral recycled egg is so great that we have to make choices. We are now concentrating on realizing farms in the US and the EU, but are also having serious discussions in other parts of the world," says Marc Voss, managing director of Kipster.

Source: De Limburger