Subsidy scheme for increasing sustainability of SMEs (SVM) almost open!

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14 September 2021

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Are you an SME entrepreneur who wants to save energy and become more sustainable? The Subsidy Scheme for Increasing Sustainability of SMEs (SVM) will help you. With this subsidy you can hire a specialized advisor for tailored energy advice. The energy advice gives you insight into how to make your company and/or fleet more sustainable. The SVM also provides a subsidy for the support in implementing one or more measures from that advice.

The government wants to support SMEs with this grant to make them more sustainable because of the Urgenda judgment and the Climate Agreement. The scheme starts on 1 October 2021 and runs until 30 September 2022. The budget for this subsidy scheme is € 28.2 million.

For whom is this scheme?

This subsidy scheme is for SMEs up to 250 employees (FTEs) and an annual turnover of up to € 50 million, which:

  • 1 or more commercial premises or a commercial building (or space therein) and;
  • do not fall under the legal energy saving obligation. Thus, the premises may not consume more than 25,000 m3 of natural gas (equivalent) and 50,000 kWh of electricity per year.

What do you get subsidy for?

This scheme provides a subsidy for advice on and support in making your premises or business operations more sustainable. For the preparation of a customized energy advice by a specialized consultant and for the support in implementing the advice.

Subsidy amount


The scheme is available from 1 October 2009.

The scheme is from October 1, 2021 09.00 open to apply for subsidy and closes on September 30, 2022, 17.00. You apply for the grant online from the opening date via this page. Here you will also find all information and conditions.