Hey Agrofood professional! Are you shifting with us?

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20 December 2021

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In 2018, Kiempunt was founded to develop a strong Agrofood network in Limburg. And with success! The knowledge platform has experienced tremendous growth. All thanks to the many active members with inspiring stories, events and interesting articles making this platform a true Agrofood community. We can look back on that with pride.

Time for something new

The current era and the global drive towards a sustainable society, calls for a broader platform. A digital meeting place where Limburg entrepreneurs from numerous sectors, network partners and knowledge institutions can find each other and strengthen each other. Meet shiftLimburg, successor of Kiempunt.

With shiftLimburg, we are focusing on the four transitions: Energy, Circularity, Health & Digitalization. This way we work together towards a smarter, more sustainable and healthier Limburg.

Personalized content

Where Kiempunt mainly focuses on the Agrofood entrepreneurs, shiftLimburg will work sector-wide. Because innovation takes place precisely across various sectors and entrepreneurs can learn from each other's best practices and pitfalls. The first five sectors are: Agrofood, Industry, Logistics, Tourism & Recreation and Business Services.

One stop shop
ShiftLimburg is a one stop shop. In one place you find all relevant information and through a personal profile you get personalized content based on your preferences. Soon we'll tell you more about how that works.

Below the scenes

The past few months we've been working hard on the new shiftLimburg platform. With old, familiar content and members, but also with lots of new content and relationships. This broadening means for you, as a Kiempunt member, more opportunities, a larger network and cross-sector collaboration.

Let's shift!
Of course we will keep you informed about the developments and launch of shiftLimburg. Keep an eye on your mailbox and our socials, so you won't miss a thing!

In the new year there will be an exciting period that we are all looking forward to. Because we are going to change to improve. But we cannot do it alone: we need you, other entrepreneurs and our partners to make it happen. Shift with us?