Get inspired during the LIOF event on September 28th!

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13 September 2022

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Do you want or need to do something with sustainable business? But don't know how? Keep 28 September free in your agenda, then LIOF will help you on your way!

This inspiring day is all about 'sustainability and saving money'. It may sound a bit contradictory, but it's not. Because if you invest smartly, you will reap the rewards later on. Charles Mevis and Martine Rousseau, business developers at LIOF, explain why you should attend and what this day will bring you in concrete terms.

"Experience shows that once you've started and you've caught the virus, you'll continue to make sustainability happen"

LIOF team

Current Issues

Martine: 'Initially, the focus of this event is on energy and material reduction. Very topical, because many entrepreneurs have to deal with high energy bills and/or scarce raw materials. But you will also hear, for example, how you can deal with your staff in a sustainable way.'


Living more sustainably

Charles: 'The occasion for the event was indeed the high cost of energy and expensive environmentally harmful raw materials. We have now widened the scope a little. The fact is that we all have to start living more sustainably. This can be done from different angles. For one person it is intrinsic motivation, for another pure necessity.'


A day full of inspiration

During this day, three successful entrepreneurs will speak to show how they do sustainable business. The event starts at the Center Court on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Martine: 'There's a 9:15 a.m. entry, after which there will be concrete cases and a guided tour of CHILL. Around 12:00 it's time for lunch. Then a company visit to Healix is planned and we will close the day together;

Success Stories

Martine: 'One of the entrepreneurs turned his existing business into a sustainable one. He is now profiting extremely from this. That motivates others to start doing the same, even though it might be a bit scary. Of course, many entrepreneurs still sit with questions like "What should I do next?" "And am I making the right decision? But when a successful entrepreneur stands there and tells his story, that really does drive other entrepreneurs.'

Charles: 'These entrepreneurs are also very good at telling us what it has brought them in terms of business economics. Or what they expect it to produce. It is not pure investment. Everyone knows that the chimney has to smoke.'

'The diversity between these companies is also nice. Healix set up around a sustainable business model. Whereas Akarton has been completely transformed into a sustainable company in many areas,' says Charles.

Open doors at CHILL

The morning program takes place at the Center Court on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Charles: "Of course that is not entirely without reason. The campus is home to CHILL (Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs). They have a lot of practical knowledge of materials and can conduct research in the area of materials. A good first point of entry for entrepreneurs to see how their product can be made more sustainable. Here you get answers to questions like 'which materials meet the functionalities I require?' 'And how can I then apply that more sustainably?'


Collaboration with From Waste 2 Profit

Charles: 'A nice addition is that we collaborate with the Interreg project From Waste 2 Profit, where the focus is on waste management in the form of reuse or recycling. Through this project you can for example get support to find a party in the region with a residual flow that you could use as a raw material or vice versa. Very circular therefore.'


For whom?

Martine: 'The target group for the event is broad. Especially for companies with physical products that produce themselves, we can really mean something. Moreover, we will also tell you how LIOF can support you financially if you want to make steps in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship;