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2 August 2022

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BL.INC is the incubator & accelerator for innovative entrepreneurs

BL.INC is the startup accelerator for entrepreneurs who want to innovate in the field of healthy and safe food, future farming or bio-circular economy. By participating in BL.INC you increase the chances of success and accelerate the growth of your business. Moreover, you can make use of the innovative agri food community at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo.


Eveline Wijnhoven (Business Developer BL.INC at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo) and Sjaak Berden (Business Developer at LIOF) tell you more.


Purpose and structure

Sjaak: "With BL.INC we want to support innovative companies that are active around the Brightlands campus in Venlo and help them with their (further) growth. You often see startups/scale-ups getting stuck somewhere in the process or towards the market. This can be on many fronts, such as team organization, product development, market validation or simply not knowing where to find funding;
Sjaak Berden

The program in outline

Eveline: "It's a 12-week entrepreneurial journey. In the broadest sense, we are going to grasp the facets of entrepreneurship. Think of strategic support (such as business model canvas and value proposition) and team development. But also connecting to the right parties: the investment landscape is very large, who can you turn to at any given moment?

From the innovative entrepreneur with a new idea to a company that is already a bit further along: BL.INC is there for entrepreneurs who need help finding their way in the big forest of entrepreneurs, investors and partners. Startup incubation programs often have someone standing in front of the class like a teacher. We have instead chosen to create a program that includes the partners and experts of the ecosystem. 

During knowledge sessions and workshops you will actively work on your business. Here you can immediately connect with the parties from the ecosystem, because they are the experts who bring the knowledge and workshops. Giving substance to the community and the ecosystem in such a tangible way, that's the power of BL.INC. We will not tell you what to do, but we will connect you directly to the network and the chain that is important to you;



Fixed themes

Sjaak: 'The program is themed. Each week there is a recurring theme on the agenda. From intellectual property to what does the funding landscape look like for a startup.'

Eveline: 'But also how do you sell yourself (including perfect pitch and marketing), how do you set up your business in a good way, how do you make sure you are scalable, how do you connect with others and how do you get people moving. We tap all those elements during the 12-week program. It really is an entrepreneurial journey.'




Three pillars

Three pillars make tangible what the BL.INC program stands for:

We Care
As a company you don't always allow yourself the time and rest, because you are 'on' 24/7 and want to move forward in an upward trend. We care stands for (self) reflection. With us you will find the peace and the space. We actually have a workplace for you on campus. And we make sure you keep your focus. That is essential for a business!

We Connect
On campus we have a nice community, which includes business, education and government. Startups from the former BL.INC program are also present. By 'connecting' with these parties, you can start to broaden your network. Very interesting to see who is in your chain and who can help you further.  

We Innovate
We use shared facilities here. Startups don't always have the facilities to do what they would like to do at the time. Think for example of a test lab or research by the educational institutions on campus. We do have those facilities and you can link up with them. Moreover, you will be given the tools to grow your business now, but also to make it future-proof.

Light version

Eveline: 'BL.INC is not a program you have to work with all the time. This 'light version' takes an average of 6 hours per week of your time. Every week you get 1 hour of guidance. This way we ensure that you keep focus, but also that you're not busy with the same thing for hours and have enough time left over to work on other things within your company.

After these 3 months you will be visible in the network and chain you would like to have access to. You belong to a real community. And you know how to keep focus and scale for now and the future.

The world is changing, the market varies, people are on 24/7, and technological changes are occurring at a rapid pace. As an entrepreneur, how do you ensure that you can continue to make that traction? With BL.INC you increase your chances of succeeding as an innovative entrepreneur!'

"With BL.INC, you increase your chances of succeeding as an innovative entrepreneur!"

Not alone but together

Eveline: 'It is very important that you spend the time you have well. Normally you would have to go out and look for yourself. That takes a lot of time, especially networking. Here you end up in a tube where you find all that. So at the end of the day you're also working much more efficiently. We solve those pain points.'

Sjaak: 'Another important addition: you also learn from the other participants, because you often come up against the same challenges. That's really an added value, sharing experiences with like-minded people.'

Eveline: 'You are indeed not alone, you do it together with the whole community. And you stay connected. The moment you leave the incubation program here, we don't let you go.'


For whom?

Sjaak: 'BL.INC is for innovative entrepreneurs who want to start or grow a business in the North Limburg region. Your startup or scale-up should be linked to the three themes of the campus: future farming, healthy and safe food or biocircular economy. Crossovers in the chain, such as (fresh) logistics and (manufacturing) industry can also participate.'


By whom?

BL.INC is organized by Region North LimburgRabobankLIOF en Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo.