Subsidy scheme Delta Plan High Sandy soils 2022-2027

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6 February 2024

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The Province of Limburg considers a healthy water system, which can deal with flooding and drought and which provides sufficient water of good quality, important. Therefore, in January 2024 it will open a subsidy scheme for the implementation of so-called freshwater measures. More than €23 million is currently available. The subsidy scheme enables projects in which joint efforts are made to make Limburg climate-proof and water-robust.

Minister Theuns (Spatial Planning, Housing, Water, Soil and Livability): "We are increasingly facing periods of drought and heat, but also more downpours. It's good that we are aware of this and better organize our environment accordingly. That is why I am glad that we can make money available for this. I therefore call on parties to submit as many projects as possible."

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The arrangement

A request can be made for a financial contribution of 25% of the costs of implementing so-called freshwater measures. Freshwater measures involve measures aimed at combating desiccation and retaining water as naturally as possible through restoration of the natural water system. Measures to use water more efficiently and to arrange land so that it requires less water are also freshwater measures.

If it concerns area-specific projects, the subsidy can be up to a maximum of 50% contribution to the costs. A condition is then that the measures contribute to the (hydrological) recovery of Natura 2000 areas and the projects are drawn up and implemented in cooperation with the Limburg Water Board.

This is subject to the following conditions

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