Not yet ready for a sustainable future? project the sustainability course helps!

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20 March 2023

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Not yet ready for a sustainable future? project the sustainability course helps!

Do you also want to get started with sustainability, but don't know where to start? Do you lack resources, knowledge and/or time to get started seriously? Then get acquainted with project 'The Sustainability Course' of SOW Sustainability.

Because of all the issues that lie within the theme of sustainability such as climate crisis, energy transition, transition to a more circular economy but also to social challenges around diversity and inclusion, poverty alleviation and health care, entrepreneurs often cannot see the wood for the trees. While the business community, and in particular SMEs, can play a major role because they have the necessary innovative power, speed and people to accelerate the transition.

The project "The sustainability course" helps in this respect by bringing together several medium-sized companies and having them simultaneously start to make their own organization more sustainable. By starting the process simultaneously with several companies, time, input, knowledge, investment and expertise can be shared with and between the participating parties.

Sustainability experts support this in company-wide inspiration workshops  and training sessions and joint sustainability strategy sessions. Business owners will also receive 1:1 feedback and implementation support. "What we often hear afterwards from entrepreneurs is that this trajectory has made the theme of sustainability very tangible and concrete for their organization and especially their employees" indicates Mirjam van Laarhoven of SOW Sustainability.

The sustainability track here consists of three phases:

  1. The introduction phase where participants from the companies get to work with their colleagues themselves and get inspired by the sustainability experts. This phase also introduces employees of the individual companies to sustainability through a digital and interactive introductory course (participation by employees on a voluntary basis).
  2. Phase sustainability strategy creation in which participating companies work in teams during joint workshops under the guidance of experienced facilitators to define, measure and plan their own sustainability strategy.
  3. Phase implementation where we go from talking to planning and actually doing. Here sustainability experts support the entrepreneurs and their own ambassador teams in the first implementation steps during workshops and also during 1:1 guidance within the company itself.

For whom?

Four rounds will be launched over the next 24 months. The first round focuses on SME entrepreneurs with around 40-100 employees in construction-related organizations  (think suppliers to the sector in the broadest sense). Turnaround time of one trajectory effectively amounts to about 8 to 12 months.

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