New CAP: pay attention to these 3 issues in 2022

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26 April 2022

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Want to apply for subsidies for the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in 2023? Then pay attention to these 3 topics while completing the 2022 Combined Declaration.



The eco-scheme is new. By 2023, there will be a total of 21 eco-activities. One eco-activity affects your building plan this year.


Green cover

In the current CAP, you can grow catch crops for your ecological focus area. Catch crops must remain in place for at least 8 weeks. In the new CAP, you can participate in the green cover eco-activity. Then you have to leave your catch crops until March 1, 2023. So you do not remove your catch crops after 8 weeks.



For Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) 7 you have to grow a different crop on your plots every year. In 2023, we look at the crop that was on your land in 2022. This may not be the same as 2023. We also consider a follow-on crop with a catch or rest crop as another crop. Do you grow rest crops year after year? Then this condition does not apply.

Are you taking over land from someone else? Even then you have to grow a different crop than 2022.



The extra payment young farmers continues in the new CAP if you haven't completed the 5 years. Instead of an amount per hectare, it will be a fixed amount.

Are you applying for the additional young farmer payment for the first time in 2022? You too can continue to apply for the extra payment in the new CAP.

There will also be a new scheme for young farmers in the new CAP: the establishment aid. Young farmers who take over or start a farm will receive financial support. The scheme is still under development. This does not affect your current application for the additional payment. We will keep you informed through our website.



An overview of all schemes can be found at Schemes in the new CAP.

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