NeuroMind Academy trains healthcare providers in artificial intelligence

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15 February 2023

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NeuroMind Academy trains healthcare providers in artificial intelligence

During his training, neurosurgeon Pieter Kubben already had an above-average interest in data science and artificial intelligence. That led to the development of the NeuroMind App, which he successfully marketed with DecisiX, his company at Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. Recently, the app has a little sister: NeuroMind Academy.

The app helps neurosurgeons make decisions. Now you're also going down the educational path.

Pieter Kubben: 'Indeed. NeuroMind Academy wants to give healthcare providers more knowledge about data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We help them connect the clinical with the technical. In our profession, we produce more and more data. These are very valuable if you can use them in the right way. But medics have limited training for that. NeuroMind Academy wants to contribute to doctors becoming a full discussion partner for data scientists. We do this by giving them more background knowledge, so that they know and understand concepts they encounter in the professional literature.'

So no in-depth technical or mathematical stuff?

Pieter Kubben: 'No, it's really about ensuring that if you want to develop a predictive model, for example, you have the background knowledge to engage with the technologists who are going to build it. You get a better understanding of how to collect data and what you can do with it. If you as a physician can speak the same language as the technologists, you get a much better model. Because you know what is important information for the developers of the model.'

Tell us more about NeuroMind Academy?

Pieter Kubben: 'NeuroMind Academy is an online learning environment designed on the capabilities and needs of healthcare providers. The Academy currently includes three modules with microlearnings of five to a maximum of fifteen minutes. You can take them on any device, including your phone. That makes it attractive for healthcare providers. You don't have to sit down separately for it. The modules available now are: FUNdamentals of Clinical Data Science, FUNdamentals of Machine Learning and FUNdamentals of Machine Learning Models.'

Is there interest among healthcare providers to know more about data science and AI?

Pieter Kubben: "I think most are aware that this is a topic that you might be able to put off for a while, but you certainly can't ignore it anymore. Sometimes people still feel it as a threat. Like, "Will AI soon be telling me what to do? Others see AI as an extra team member in a multidisciplinary consultation. I think that by following the modules you experience what technology can contribute to your work.'

What does the future look like?

Pieter Kubben: 'We have been live since December and the feedback we are receiving is positive. NeuroMind Academy is easily scalable and we are going to offer more modules in the future. I would love it if healthcare providers could receive continuing education credits for following our modules. That would really be a boost and we are preparing for that now. We are also concerned with the future in another way; just like the app, NeuroMind Academy is officially completely CO2 neutral.'

More information?

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