MIT South Feasibility Study Grant Scheme

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30 March 2022

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The subsidy scheme MKB Innovation Stimulation Top Sectors South Netherlands stimulates innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises. The scheme has two instruments: Feasibility projects and R&D cooperation projects. On April 12, the subsidy scheme for testing the feasibility of an innovation will open.

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In this article Janneke Gardeniers, Policy Officer Economy & Innovation at the Province of Limburg and Miriam Verhees, Business Developer at LIOF, tell you about the MIT South scheme. What does it entail, when are you eligible and how does the application procedure work?

What is the MIT South Feasibility Study grant program?

Janneke: "The MIT South scheme is an innovation stimulation, in which we try to promote innovation in SMEs. Within it there are two instruments: Feasibility projects and R&D cooperation projects. 

A feasibility project involves a subsidy for carrying out a feasibility study. This is mainly about the preparation for the development of an innovative service or product. In short, the analysis at the front end. Is the idea feasible? Is there a market for it? Are there opportunities? You need to have made a good analysis at the front end before you can actually start developing."

When are you eligible for MIT South?

"The most important thing is that your innovation project contributes to at least one of the five missions or key technologies defined in the policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZK). Whereas these missions were based on sectors in the past, they are now four Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (KIAs):

  • KIA energy transition and sustainability
  • KIA agriculture, water and food
  • KIA health and care
  • KIA security
  • KIA key technologies

The subsidy can be applied for by individual SMEs, established in the southern Netherlands (Limburg, Brabant and Zeeland). The condition is that the project must benefit that specific part of the country. The subsidy amounts to 40% of the eligible costs, up to a maximum of € 20,000 per project. It works on a 'first come, first serve' basis so good preparation and speed is essential," says Janneke.


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What is the role of the Province of Limburg?

Janneke: "The Province of Limburg is primarily involved in determining the preconditions. By making money available, a subsidy pot is created. There are certain conditions involved. We also help think about the content of the scheme, but the implementation lies with Stimulus. We think it is especially important to stimulate innovation in SMEs that benefits the social tasks/missions that we have as a country and region."

What makes this arrangement so interesting?

Miriam: "MIT Zuid is a very accessible subsidy scheme. You can apply for it if your idea is not yet entirely concrete, in an early phase. It is primarily an incentive. It is an additional instrument that is in a slightly different phase of the feasibility question. This encourages entrepreneurs to get started with their idea early. The target group for MIT South is broader in scope than, for example, LimburgToekomstbestendig. That makes it extremely interesting for many parties."

When can entrepreneurs submit an application?

"Many entrepreneurs think they are unable to submit an application because the idea is still too young. But that's often not the case. Our advice is to just do it. Suppose your plan does not receive a positive assessment, then you have already put the idea down on paper. We can then help you further with the application form. You can download the application form from the Stimulus website. Then you start filling in the information and have someone from LIOF read it over with you," explains Miriam.

What is the role of LIOF?

Miriam: "LIOF stimulates innovations and sustainable growth in Limburg. It is in our interest that many entrepreneurs apply for funding. And that entrepreneurs who want to apply, can do so as successfully as possible. The goal is for good ideas to actually be developed. We draw the attention of entrepreneurs to the fact that such a scheme exists, but we can also proofread your plan and remove any mistakes. So that it is just that little bit sharper and better.

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