Making sustainability faster with new hydrogen and green chemistry grant

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1 July 2022

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'Green' hydrogen is of great significance for meeting climate targets. But producing it is still very expensive. A new subsidy for hydrogen and green chemistry should change this. Entrepreneurs can apply for it from 22 June.

In the Climate Agreement, it was agreed that 70 percent of the total electricity production in 2030 should consist of renewable (sustainably generated) electricity. This is a major challenge. The production of green hydrogen is of great significance in this regard. But this is still very expensive. Entrepreneurs can therefore apply for subsidies from 22 June 2022 for pilot and demonstration projects with hydrogen technology or green chemistry (chemistry with sustainability as a starting point).


Lower production costs

Hydrogen is an important energy carrier (source of energy) and feedstock for a sustainable energy system that is reliable, clean, affordable and safe. And spatially compatible; the extent to which the installations needed for this purpose fit into the landscape. Minister for Climate and Energy, Rob Jetten, stimulates with the subsidy scheme 'DEI+: Hydrogen and Green Chemistry'the development of innovative products and services, which accelerate the growth of the production and application of green hydrogen in the Netherlands. In this way we can produce more green hydrogen. And the production costs will be lower.


Innovation projects

Entrepreneurs can apply for grants until January 10, 2023, for pilot and demonstration projects of products and services that contribute to:

  • the production of green hydrogen from renewable electricity;
  • transportation and storage of hydrogen;
  • applications of hydrogen as fuel, feedstock in industry and in electrochemical reactions.


Accelerate growth of hydrogen economy 

There is €29.4 million available for these projects. This money comes from the National Growth Fund program 'Green Power for the Dutch Economy' (GroenvermogenNL).  The goal of this program is to accelerate the production, storage, transportation and application of green hydrogen. By supporting innovation and cost reduction with:

  • scaling up: the realization of hydrogen projects on a larger scale;
  • research and development:the coordination of research and development;
  • knowledge development: labor capacity and knowledge through retraining and education.

The new DEI+ Hydrogen and Green Chemistry scheme contributes to the first (scale-up).


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