How do we get nuggers, newcomers, status holders, part-timers and benchwarmers into work?

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19 June 2022

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Keyport seeks innovative ideas

Nationally, the labor force participation rate is 76%. In the Keyport region this is almost 10% less. There is a profit to be made here: so many people want to work (more) and are able to work, but do not know how to find their way. And this while the business community has a desperate shortage of workers. A wonderful opportunity for the region that we would like to take advantage of. Do you have an idea how we can tackle this issue? If so, please contact the network organization Keyport!

Yvonne Paulussen, member of the Keyport core team and director of change at Vekoma explains: "Keyport has recently taken stock of the situation. We spoke to numerous organizations that are active in the labor market and that have a good view of labor market participation. We brought that together. The insight into: What initiatives are all out there? Who is doing what? And where are the opportunities? Including the barriers that exist to get the 'unused labour potential' moving. Now we want to take action."


Bypassing the threshold

Thresholds abound. "Not in possession of the right papers. Children at home so that they can't take part in the shifts. No transport or obligations as a carer. Too little motivation, experience or skills. The Dutch language..." "This is also nothing new and there are already numerous solutions and routes devised for this. So it's time for new, different approaches. And that's what we're looking for.

  • For new concepts (e.g. open hiring) or angles to offer people who want to work more hours the opportunity to do so.
  • Now to find a way to reach "nuggers" - non-benefit recipients who do seek work - and help them find work.
  • Any way to make matches made a success by, for example, employing a job coach or counseling employers.
  • New initiatives for the employment of the unemployed and the unemployed Or to other possibilities.



Starting to work with untapped potential

The initiative for this action comes from a strategy session with the board and the Core Team of network organization Keyport. One of the tasks of the core team is to identify opportunities for the region and translate them into concrete structure-enhancing activities and projects.

Yvonne continues: "We are looking for new ideas in addition to the actions that are already in place, because behind the scenes we are busy tackling the challenges on the labor market. With concrete solutions to questions about employer branding and sustainable employability, about binding and attracting talent and about (further) education and training of personnel. Tapping into unused potential makes this offer complete."


On Tuesday, July 13, Keyport organizes together with Start Foundation and Werk.Kom an information meeting about Open Hiring.

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