Circular supply chain project grant nearly open

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28 April 2022

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Would you like to collaborate with other entrepreneurs to design, produce or organize a product, process or service in a circular way? And do you want help from an experienced process supervisor to do so? The Circular Chain Projects grant can support you in this. The grant is mainly for SME entrepreneurs. One large company may also participate per project.

The scheme opens on Tuesday, May 3, 09:00 and closes Friday, September 30, 12:00


New in 2022

New in 2022 is that the circular chain project grant will be provided as de minimis support. What does that mean for you?

  • Each entrepreneur in the chain partnership must submit an de-minimis statement when applying for the project.
  • The definition of eligible activities has changed. The content of the scheme does not change.

Also new is that one large company per partnership may participate and apply for subsidy.



In a circular chain project, you work with other entrepreneurs to make a product or material chain circular. It can be an existing chain or (partly) a new one. You want to design, produce or organize a product, process or service in a circular way. For this there are still barriers that come from circularity, novelty or in terms of cooperation.

In the circular chain project, you do the research work you need to remove these barriers. At the end of the project, you can market the product or service or apply the process. Using or applying the results of the project reduces the use of raw materials and CO2 emissions. Read more about circular chain projects and an explanation of other terms.



The grant is 50% of your eligible costs as an entrepreneur. These are your own costs and the costs of hiring a process supervisor. The grant is a maximum of € 20,000 per entrepreneur in a circular chain partnership. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 entrepreneurs work together in a circular partnership.

In 2022, the total available budget is € 6,125,000.


More information, terms and conditions and application forms can be found via the link below.

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