Agrifood organizations give circularity a face

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20 September 2022

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Several organizations from the agrifood sector have contributed to an impact video on circularity within the chain. With this video, the organizations want to show the impact the agrifood sector is making by adding value to by-products released during the production process. These by-products are packed with valuable nutrients and are increasingly being reused in new applications such as animal and livestock feed, bio-based products and renewable energy.



The processing and production of consumer goods such as beer, canned vegetables and wheat inevitably releases by-products. By utilizing these valuable by-products in a circular way in application areas such as animal and cattle feed, bio-based products or renewable energy and then returning the nutrients to the soil, cycles are closed. In this way, the agrifood chain contributes to combating water, raw material and food waste and reduces carbon emissions;

Impact video

In cooperation with progressive (food) producers AB InBev, Crespel & Deiters, EcoFuels, Laarakker Groenteverwerking, Melkveebedrijf J. van Iersel, Peka Kroef and the Zaanpeel, this circular contribution has been visualized. With this impact video, the agrifood sector shows how it is making an impact as a collective, from supplier to consumer, by adding value to by-products.

The impact video was initiated by Looop, an organization specializing in upgrading by-products from the food and fermentation industry. According to Looop, there is too little awareness in society of how the agri-food sector contributes to the circular economy, even though the sector is a driver and leader in this. "Circularity is, quite rightly, high on the agenda within these organizations and throughout the chain" says Dick Kroot, Managing Director at Looop. "However, too little consideration is given to the circular impact the chain is already making at this moment, which is why it is important to tell this story" continues Kroot. 

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Circularity and sustainability are a big aspiration within the agrifood sector and are seen as major challenges within the food system. Sustainability and circularity initiatives are increasing within the sector. This is done within organizations by reusing water and heat and generating renewable energy.

However, a circular food system can only be achieved through collaborations throughout the chain. By working together and sharing knowledge, by-products from the food and fermentation industry are used more and more efficiently and fewer raw materials are lost. "This is how we are getting step by step closer to a world where waste no longer exists" said Kroot "this video symbolizes that collaboration and the strength of the chain, which is something to be proud of".

"Thus, step by step, we come closer to a world where waste no longer exists"

About Looop

Looop, based in Venlo (NL), is an independent (knowledge) partner for upgrading by-products derived from the food and fermentation industry. The portfolio includes versatile by-products from grains, corn and other organic feedstocks, which can be used as high-quality ingredients for animal and livestock feed, as renewable energy sources and for the production of innovative biobased products.  By valorizing organic by-products, Looop strives to create a fully circular world in which waste no longer exists.