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ShiftLimburg is an interactive community platform where entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and network partners inspire each other to innovate together. Towards a sustainable society.

Will you shift with us?

The world is changing rapidly. We are all facing major social tasks: creating a society that is smarter, more sustainable and healthier. All this in the context of environmental pressures on the earth, the increasing scarcity of resources and the growing influence of technology. We really need to bring about change, and we are convinced that the Limburg business community can provide solutions.

But we cannot do it alone: we need entrepreneurs and partners to bring about this shift. Together we are focusing on four transitions: energy, circularity, health and digitalization. Where do you stand in these transitions? Tell us what you are working on, so we can take steps together to achieve these goals.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Four transitions have been chosen from the global Sustainable Development Goals: health (SDG 3), energy transition (SDG 7), circular economy (SDG 12) and digitalization as a key technology to implement these transitions and remain competitive. These transitions are relevant to Limburg and stem from strong sectors such as agrofood, chemistry, industry and life sciences & health. We also want to use the platform to drive and promote economic growth (SDG 8) and innovation (SDG 9).