Leader in Sustainable Business

Item date:

31 October

Event location:

Hele dag -


The Koploper project helps companies and other organizations to become more sustainable in an inspiring and practical way, thus working towards a future-proof organization and sustainable products and services. In turn, the Koplopers make other entrepreneurs enthusiastic and thus pull the pack along. Together they ensure a strong and future-proof regional economy and a livable society.

You want to save energy and take (the first) steps in other areas of sustainability. Perhaps you don't know exactly where to start, could use a little push or want to know what else you could do.

 In a Koploper project you will work with a group of 8 to a maximum of 15 SMEs from Limburg on sustainability and discover what this can deliver for your company. Think about reducing your energy consumption and your CO2 Footprint, communicating about sustainability and preparing for upcoming CSR reporting obligations;

The Leader Project helps you as an SME entrepreneur to start doing business more sustainably in an inspiring, practical and structural way. This way you work on a future-proof company and sustainable products and services.